Extremely powerful interception probes devices designed to connect in an undetectable manner to core network links and copy the traffic that is transferred along that link. Passive Interception once implemented, the telecom service providers have no idea of target marking and information seek from the networks.  
  • Cyborg has one of the most comprehensive Passive network interception comprising mobile & Fixed network Voice (Circuit switch, VoIP), Packet Switch (DSL, WiMax and Mobile networks) & ISP’s network. 
  • Unmatched Processing & Filtering capacity, handling billions of packets for relevant information from. 
  • Very high target number capacity, versatile interception criteria, unmatched protocols interception support. 
  • Passive Network Interception is relevant to both Target Centric solution & Mass solution. 
  • Target Centric solution: Interception according to specific target identifiers.
  • Mass solution: Interception without prior indication of its relevance

  • Front processing unit can take over 1G/10G and even 100G std. single interface probes, fastest in the market.  
  • System generates & store mass CRDs for all Voice, Data calls and Locations.  
  • Extremely simple and versatile user friendly GUI for the clients.
  • Enormous Storage capacity i.e. desired information can be stored for multiple years as per requirement.
  • Products are shown in real time at agents screen for all target’s communications.