As a leader in interception solution, Cyborg’s interception solutions are deployed across the globe with telecom service providers, intelligence agencies and homeland security organizations. 
Highly focused on derived intelligence, Cyborg developed Active and Passive interception solutions along with the state-of-the-art Location Based services that are tailor-made for constant tracking of significant number of targets. Our presence in some of the most volatile and disturbed geographic regions are trusted by intelligence and homeland securities to identify threats, locate potential problems and mitigate risk to citizens and residents in-country.
Cyborg’s Location technology, when complemented with interception, provides unparalleled intelligence, in terms of automatically setting up links between call and data interception vis-à-vis location of mobile phones of potential or identified targets.
Cyborg Systems Partners to build links between potential targets and identify primary and secondary targets when intercepting tracking locations. Intell(i)’s AIKIDS (Acquired Immersive Knowledge and Intelligence Derivative Systems) allow relational parameters such as geo-tracking suspects only when they call, or only when they cluster together, or possibly only when they call each other or cause increase in traffic. Using GIS as a base, AIKIDS allows for marking and identifying security hazards, and allows for GUI based filtering parameters to identify friends and foes.