For Active interception, existing core elements(e.g. telephony switches, soft switches, routers, GPRS Support Nodes, BRAS, AAA and more) in the network must have lawful interception capabilities interfaces which receive commends from Interception system for target definitions and deliver intercepted communications. A typical telecom network may have element from different equipment vendor demanding LI different interface equipment. Cyborg Active interception solution offer unique advantage i.e. using Universal Mediation device that can communicate with multiple equipment in different service provider’s networks depends upon scale of network.


  • Communication content and metadata of intercepted communication can be presented to multiple Lawful enforcement agencies in the country discretely i.e. without disclosing to other parties. 
  • Cyborg System can integrate with any type of communication networks (GSM, WIMAX, PSTN, LTE, ISP etc.)
  • From large volume of communication content and metadata, filtering and analysis will be done.
  • Inbuilt Complete work flow case management solution i.e. right from warrant issue to till case closure. 
  • High target capacity and fully secure system.
  • Extremely simple and versatile user friendly GUI for the clients.
  • Tracking and analysis of target on moment.
  • Our unified system can intercept, analyze and filter Mobile, satellite, internet, cellular communication.